Vista College India combines proven learning methodologies with the latest technology, ensuring that you have the tools you need to succeed and that get the most value from your IT training investment. Expert Instructor-Led Training Vista College India instructors are not just certified in their area of expertise. They also have years of real-world experience and are subject matter experts in their fields. Our courses feature video modules of our instructors teaching the information directly to you. This creates a personal learning experience and simulates the benefits of classroom learning- without leaving the comfort of your home. Demonstrations and Hands-On Lab Learning Our courseware includes instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises that allow you to practice what you learn in a fully functional, simulated environment. You will learn how to implement what you have learned to build skills for your chosen area of study and to pass your exams. Practice Tests and Exam Simulators Vista College India incorporates practice tests and certification exam simulators into all of our courseware. The flexibility of Vista College India practice tests and exam simulators allow you to apply your knowledge and test what you have learned, ensuring you have the skills and confidence needed to pass your exams – the first time. Multimedia Presentations Incorporating PowerPoint, Flash animations, charts, graphs, graphics and other relevant course material enhances the user experience of our computer based training modules. The use of multimedia reinforces key learning material and creates a more stimulating user experience. Navigation and Controls Vista College India’s self-paced elearning courseware is designed to give you the freedom to proceed through each training class at your own pace. Courses are arranged in sections, with navigation and controls that allow you to fast forward, skip, go back, stop, restart, and control the pace of your training. You can stop at any time and easily find where you left off in your training. Unlimited Customer Support With any purchase of Vista College India’s training material, you are guaranteed access to our staff of training and support professionals for one year. Accessible by phone and email, our staff is here to help you get the most out of your training or to answer technical questions.