Although India is well known for having a number of citizens that are highly educated, the need for skilled IT workers is still on the rise. Even with the high number of residents that hold an advanced degree in India, thirty percent of the country remains illiterate. With the tech business booming, India needs to quickly train more workers in the IT department. A fast and easy solution to part of the problem is offering Linux certification courses.

There is an abundance of Linux operating systems on the market today, which means the demand for skilled Linux operators continues to rise. Although a certification is not necessarily required, 75% of today’s employers look for this certification when deciding to hire a certain applicant. Obtaining this certification will boost your confidence and open up opportunities for higher pay and better career opportunities.

A Linux certification can be important both for newcomers to the field and those who have been working in IT for many years. It demonstrates to employers and customers that you are dedicated to the work you do, and are always willing to improve your skills. A certified operator also usually garners more respect from their peers than someone who simply works in the IT department.

The Indian government is notorious for not putting a lot of money into their schooling, which is why so many citizens continue to be unable to read. Luckily, persons seeking a Linux certification have affordable options to obtain their certificate. Look for a course that teaches these important parts of Linux:

  • User Desktops and Interfaces
  • How to Install Software
  • How to Install Hardware
  • How to Use Groups
  • Unique Linux Processes and Services of the System
  • How to Monitor the System
  • Networking
  • Maintaining Security Throughout the Network

A course offering these points of knowledge will help you to fully learn the Linux system and be able to handle any problems that arise. As with anything, try to ensure that the course you are paying for is up to industry standards. A course that offers practice exams is definitely helpful, as you will not be able to obtain certification without passing the final exam.

Enroll in Linux Certification Training

A course that offers a Linux certification should prepare you for the CompTIA Linux Certification exam. Once you have passed your exam, you are ready to show the world that you are capable of using Linux systems.