There used to be a time when simply having the knowledge needed to complete a job was enough to get you employment in your field. Now, however, with many skilled individuals competing for the same openings, you need to stand out to be considered for most technical jobs. One of the best ways to do this is to get certified in your chosen field.

  1. Employers Want Proof Nearly three-quarters of IT managers say that certification is an important factor in their hiring decision. That means for every four employers you apply to, three might not even consider your application without an accompanying certification. It really is that critical to employment success.
  2. Skilled Workers Command Higher Salaries Workers who can prove their skills through certificates and official achievements can command higher prices than those who cannot. The investment you make in certified training can be the difference between paying the bills and getting ahead.
  3. Brush Up on Skills Completing a certification course will allow you to brush up on skills and learn updated techniques. The technology industry, as you know, changes rapidly. A training course that stays current on industry standards will give you an edge in this fast-paced industry.
  4. Learn New Skills Even if you are actively practicing in your field, you can still learn more to expand your services or improve upon those you already offer. Certification courses can enhance your existing skills and give you a robust set of tools and knowledge to excel in the world of technology.
  5. Diverse Job Opportunities The more you know, the better you will position yourself to take advantage of the many diverse opportunities in the field of technology. From working for large companies to starting up your own IT business, advanced training and certification open up doors that might otherwise stay closed.
  6. Confidence in Your Own Abilities You already know that you can do a great job, but completing a training course gives you the satisfaction of proving that you have the skills needed to be a successful IT worker. That confidence can help you navigate interview questions and be ready to answer, “Why should we hire you?”

Certification is more than just having a piece of paper; getting certified shows prospective employers that you are serious and dedicated to the field. With increased demand for skilled workers in the IT field, a certification can be an investment in a stable job or a lifetime career.

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